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Kenya 26.05

Congratulations to all employees of the Kingdom of God. I will share with you the news on the mission in Kenya, Kitale. Sunday school. I am glad that no matter what conditions children grow up in, or who their parents are, we can sow the right seed in their hearts. Which in due course will germinate and bear fruit, our work in Sunday school. That Thursday we held a Happy time/bagpipe clinic.

I was in charge of the bagpipe clinic. It was a new experience for me because this is my second trip to the bagpipe clinic, the first time I was taught, and the second time I am responsible. Thank God everything went well. There were 4 girls from our church on my team who helped pull out. We were able to help up to thirty children.

For the baby feeding project, Christina and I managed to buy warm socks for our children.

Visiting children in Khrushchev. For some time, I was able to visit about 18 families. And my surprise was that there are still families where children sleep on the cold, damp earth, we have a rainy season now, and for the locals, this period is like winter for us, for them, it is very cold, especially at night.

There is a need for bunk beds for 6 families – it will cost $ 465. And mattresses – $ 410 I am sincerely grateful for your support. Have a blessed day.

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