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Kenya 22.06

Good evening, from Kisum from the family of Natalia and David. We want to share with you what is happening in our ministry.

During the month we conducted several evangelistic activities in the Pokot tribe in our 2 churches with a local evangelistic team of 10 people. We split into two groups and carried the gospel message to the homes of the Pokota tribe, people who had never heard the name, Jesus.

We are also continuing the construction of a missionary house in Pokot – now at the stage of exterior plaster.

We also held 2 joint meetings to adjust the translation of the film “Hope” in Pokota. In our elementary school we had Bible classes, children painted, made puzzles, and had a play day with the children at school, told the children the truth that Jesus is our friend. We also continue to work on renovations at the school to provide a safe environment for children in need. And they have already finished painting the classes. We still have enough work to equip a fence, a playground, and a dining area. But we are already seeing some changes – increasing school performance, teacher motivation and the number of time children spend in school.

Opportunities: The mayor of Pokot asked us to help the primary school function and the children be educated. Currently, children in this area simply do not go to school, they graze cows and goats. Therefore, we will be involved and provide educational materials – books, food for children, and school uniforms and inform parents about the importance of education.

Difficulties and prayer needs: We faced many illnesses among our helpers who help in 2 churches in Pokot, and both pastors were hospitalized. As we approach the presidential election, there are cases of clashes in the tribe, and a curfew has been imposed in the area where we serve. Also, literally today I was attacked on the street today, for the third time in a short period of time. I am thankful to God that this time he kept my things and I was not physically hurt. But it is psychologically difficult to experience this.

We will be grateful for your support in praying for the health of our team and for the peaceful election in Kenya, and for protecting all missionaries, whites are always more visible on the streets and at greater risk. May the Lord bless you and take care of you!

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