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Kenya 19.07

Greetings to all! How quickly the days go by! During my sick leave, so much accumulated that in a week I couldn’t sort it all out. But the ice has moved and that means everything has its time, we will cope with everything! Every day I visit a boy who has meningitis in the hospital. He and his mother have been in the hospital for more than a month. We transferred him to a private clinic a week ago, and only a week later we already see improvements! The boy’s name is Fredrik, he is 4 years old! Please pray for his healing! Doctors, unfortunately, say that he needs a miracle! Jesus is a miracle worker today!

Under the child sponsorship program, the second trimester was paid for; some schoolchildren ask for an excursion to the museum. This is not included in our “program”, but we so want to help everyone, because this is almost the only chance for children to leave the slums for the city. I started searching for finances for this, wanting 300 children!!! And everyone needs $7-8

As part of the Help project, I visit families. I love this time. To see how people live, to understand them at least a little more, to pray with them for their needs, and then to see the answer from our caring Father!! Beds, things for the house, food… God takes care of everything!

This week also had to urgently take into account a family from our church. In an hour, they lost everything: documents, furniture, clothes … everything that little they had! Their room, which they rented, was completely burned down. Oleg put out the fire until firefighters arrived, but they failed to save things. The woman was so upset that she spent several days in the hospital! In this situation, the church helped them a lot! Until the very night, people supported with words and deeds – they found a room, brought dishes, and clothes, and took the children for the night! This week we plan to buy them beds and some things for the house.

I also continue to meet with teachers and directors of local schools! Good meetings where we also want to show the life of Christ to other people. Thank you for your support! For your prayers!

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