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Kenya 10/18/22

Hello everyone from Kenya, from Kisumu!
I will join our team and share another work that is being done here.
Last week I held many meetings with the parents of our children in care. We try to meet with those whom we support financially or with help. We ask you to share the current situation in the family, we are interested in their successes and needs. We help when necessary or, on the contrary, we are glad that we can withdraw from support because it is no longer needed and we redirect assistance to those in need!
Sometimes it is difficult to make decisions, it is difficult to understand cultural moments. It is difficult to draw a conclusion, not on emotions or your own experience. Therefore, I prepare for such meetings and learn not to make hasty conclusions, but to consult with Him. You can meet up to 3 people per day. And a lot of time is spent on a meeting, and other work is also not waiting, but is being accumulated!
There is more and more good news about the CHILD SPONSORSHIP project! A lot of good testimonies from the parents of the children, from the youth, and even from the local chief!!! People come to church and give thanks for the opportunity to get an education!
For us, this is a good sign – people see the value and know how to be grateful!
We believe that through these good deeds God will serve these families!
There’s some great news in the help program too! This project includes medical assistance to those who are left behind by relatives and the state. For several months now we have been helping the boy Fredrik, who suffered from an advanced form of meningitis! Doctors said that only a miracle would help him get back on his feet! And you know, the Lord does miracles!!!!! We raised funds for treatment, Fredrik miraculously recovered! And now he is in rehab. Forecasts of doctors – will lie all his life and eat through an umbrella, look for cheap hospice!
God has done a miracle! The boy lives at home! Already trying to speak, chews and swallows himself!!! And yesterday I took my first steps!
I sent this video to the doctor, to which he said – it’s impossible for his case, how?!!!
Thank God!!! We all know this Secret, which we are ready to tell everyone!
Well, the last project that I try to supervise is feeding.
We are dreaming of opening another dining room in the new church that has just been opened. There are a lot of old people in that area! It is they who simply survive in Kenya. Without strength, they try to earn at least something, through pressure and pain in the joints, through their age, heat, and hunger. They live in the worst conditions. We dream of opening a canteen in a new church, especially for them! So that we can talk about the love of Jesus through a hot plate of food!
Thank you for your support! What is always on time and with such confidence! Blessings!

by Vlada Sidorchuk

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