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Kenya 10/18/22

Hello from Kenya, Kisumu, Dunga.
We had a very good meeting for teenagers this week. Since we now have two churches, a certain percentage went to that church.

Had a very good testimony of trust in God as a teenager, water games, praise, and worship. I had the opportunity to share a word. We read together the story about reminding 5000 thousand, found 5 heroes of the story, and 5 lessons.
In the end, we had time with God, we prayed for peace in Ukraine and for God’s protection. Our kids finished the semester, and I finally had time to look into their grades. We do this in order to see what they need to work on more, who needs less, and who needs more help. Well, of course, I started writing about their success to sponsors.
On Saturday, as usual, the head of the ministry held a meeting with the ministers. We talked a little about what faith is. And we had some time to talk about what motivates us to serve and where to get strength and desire if we don’t have them. We talked very well and drank tea together. Thank you very much IMOCE for your financial and prayer support

by Nata Yevtyshuk

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