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Kenya 10.05

A huge hello to all from Kenya, Kisumu, Dunga. The service continues Thank God. This week there were meetings with people. Because now I try to meet more people in person. I see that talking to a person is the most important and rare service. I see that talking to a person is the most important and rare service. Also, work with the leaders of the Homegroups. Now the whole church is saturated with the theme of discipleship. On Friday, the pastor taught all ministry leaders on this topic that our goal is not to raise ministers, but to first disciples of Jesus. I’m glad the whole church is getting into it.

Elvira – youth pastor returned from America. Therefore, I am again involved even more in the ministry of youth. We have our football team. They entered the league and are now in 2nd place. Now unbelieving guys have joined her. We went to support them and meet new players, and invited them to the Church.

We visited the youth homegroup. It was a group where the youth worshiped and prayed. Prayed for revival, for Ukraine and Kenya.

I am grateful to God for you and for the work that the Lord does through us. Thank you for having missionary work in your hearts. Thank you for your prayers and finances that you cover this part of the Earth, this tribe. May the Lord richly bless you and protect you and your families. We love you; we pray for you!

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