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Kenya 09/27/22

Hello, friends from the city of Lodwar, Turkana desert. I hasten to tell you how the week passed. We went to the village of Natidao, where my husband and the boys were engaged in building a kitchen, and I and one of our girls, the name is Rael, distributed clothes to the locals. They also took care that the boys were not hungry) On the weekend, they had the opportunity to rest a little from the desert sun and enjoy the beauty of the mountains. And get a little cold. At that time, our children who lived with us were at home. They followed everything, and of course, had time for worship. I am proud of them! By the way, when we are not near them, they know how to worship so well that it is unbelievable.

Now I am preparing everyone for school. Back to school. You have to pay for your studies, and buy what is over. May God give you strength and wisdom! Thank you very much for your support! God’s blessings to you!

by Viktoriia

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