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Kenya 09/27/22

Greetings friends from Natalie and David from Kisumu. Back to you again with news about the work of our ministry.
This week is quite busy for us, we have guests who came to support us in various areas of ministry and share their experience. During Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, services were held at the regional conference of our church association in several churches.
They also organized and conducted training for 45 Sunday school teachers on working with children and shared resources.
Had the first water baptism in Pokota this weekend. 28 people publicly declared that they follow Jesus. We are grateful to God for the changes that are taking place in the hearts and lives of the people of this tribe.
Among the sisters, 86-year-old grandmother Suzan was baptized, the whole community rejoiced. God is good! They had separate groups – Sunday school for children, communication with women: what it means to be a Christian woman and raising children, communication with community elders.
On Monday, they had classes with the children in elementary school, the first day of the third semester. Such a number of children in the first few weeks does not usually happen.
If the child was at school for two weeks during the whole semester, then this is super according to the teacher.
It is very difficult to teach children in such conditions that exist in school.
Also, children are obliged to help their parents with household chores and herd a herd of goats. Therefore, school is not a priority. But we as a church encourage parents and children to study.
Thank you very much for your prayerful and financial support! With your help, we are able to work for God!
Be blessed!

by Natalia Onguko

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