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Kenya 09.11

Good morning from Kenya / Kitale / Imoce. I share what happened this Sunday: The future of our children depends on what we invest in them now. What is valuable in life and what is not, how to be strong, but at the same time friendly, how to learn to be responsible for one’s actions, and what is the meaning of life, all this can and should be talked about with children. And we in our #embrace center for street children had such an opportunity … namely, we were able to hold a one-day camp with the participation of our guests. Thank God for this good time!

There are lessons for street children, as many of them have never even attended school. We help with food packages. There was a meeting of different organizations on street children After the market (where children could buy different things) for someone glasses have become an integral accessory, even during lunch. For Johnny and Simon, our pets were able to find a family.

To teach a child to pray is first and foremost to let him understand and feel that God is near and loves us. We are glad that we can instill the habit of praying. Bless our little ones: Johnny and Simon.

I am very grateful to everyone who is a blessing to these people, to the missionaries. God bless you!

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