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Kenya 07.04

A little about the past week. We had a big breakthrough in the music ministry) FOR THE FIRST TIME in years of ministry, my friend and ministry leader David Lech and I recorded the song “In Jesus Name” (in support of Ukraine).

I helped with the organization, lighting installation, and general mood, and filmed and edited the #backstage video. New posts were also made on Instagram (collection of information, editing of texts, photo design).

There was an opportunity to help in the “Sponsorship for a Child” ministry with Olya Pinyak. About 30+ portrait photos were taken. Since I am a photographer, this was a great joy for me, I hope that it will bear fruit.

After seeing our Instagram stories about music learning, new students from Lodward came to visit us. Very cool and open guys. From the first day, we started learning … Every day there are individual lessons in playing the keys, guitar, and vocals.
Together with local musicians, a full-fledged group has already been assembled and rehearsals are underway. On Sunday, the guys will perform 5 songs at the service!

I continue to shoot these lessons and general rehearsals; I plan to edit the video next week!

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