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Kenya 06/20/23

Greetings from Kenya!

Old people in Kenya are not protected by the government.  They live in shacks, often starving. They suffer from joint pains, blood pressure, and other diseases. They are forced to work from morning till night for a pittance. We decided to start visiting them with small food kits, prayers, and fellowship.

Feeding Project.

At the Church, we feed over 100 people every day – 139 to be exact! They are widows, orphans, disabled, elderly, and single mothers with many children and their children! We love this project! We hear many testimonies of people going to bed hungry, and now the church cares and people see it as a blessing! We were able to purchase extra thermoses in June and have now added tea to the dinner distribution. In the slums, tea is also food. Many leave it for the morning.

This project also has servants who buy groceries, count and cook EVERY DAY!


We are in the middle of the second trimester of school! Every day the mission is supporting over 600 students going to school! I am always in need of help on this project, and am glad that God is sending short-term missionaries who can visit our students and monitor their condition! I also continue to look for new partners in this project and do reports, financial expenses, and parish.

HELP Project.

In this project, we are helping with the clay room rent for people who can’t afford it today. Some have been living with neighbors, or just “security guards” at local stores. We help with medications, diapers, vitamins, physical therapy, and even funerals! Special occasions in life, so to speak.

Bed Ministry.

Most of all the joy, smiles, and gratitude from the people in this project! A bed, pillow, and new mattress in the slums is just a dream come true!!! And we are so happy to make these simple dreams come true! We installed over 10 beds during the month of May thanks to this project! The set includes a bunk bed, mosquito net, blankets, pillows, and mattresses!  May every child have a bed! It’s such an elementally simple thing, but it’s a dream for many today!

Thank God for church! We serve here not only with good deeds but with our lives and with the Word! We communicate, teach, and witness a lot!

Thank you for supporting the life of missionaries, it is valuable to me and my family!

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