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Kenya 04/06/23

Greetings friends, today we want to tell you about the Victoria School, which is located in Kenya, Turkana Desert.
This school was opened by our mission IMOCE, Anatoly Petrovich Kolomiyets saw a great need for these children and thanks to your support, your finances were able to do it.
The school staff prepares food every day to feed the children at school.
Friends, we thank you who responded and decided to become a part of this project, and thank you who sponsored children, but there are still many children who do not have sponsors.

Perhaps some of you or your friends have such a desire, you can write about it to Anatoly Petrovich Kolomiyets
+1 (206) 359-1677 or make a donation with a note “Victoria School”
Thank you and thank you all, you are the hands and feet of God on this earth!

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