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Kenya 03/14/23

Hello. My name is Natasha Yevtushyk, , Kisumu of Dunga Housing.
On March 8, our team decided to make small gifts for women. Our kids love to help us, so together we made 150 gifts.
We also held a service for the children. We have 200-250 of them. On March 1, we showed them a cartoon about Joseph, and on Sunday we talked to them about sin.
Also, at the beginning of the service, the children were blessed with juice, donuts, and wafers.
We also had a “Happy time” at the school. It was a wonderful couple of hours where we could share the love of Christ, share the Gospel, and bring happiness to the children.
We were allowed to come to the school on Saturday (it is a working day for them). There were almost 200 children.
We had five stations. At the first one, we did crafts. We taught children to make bracelets. They liked it very much.
At the second station, we gave out gifts and taught children Christian songs. In the end, we were able to sing together for Jesus.
The children liked the station with the trampoline and cotton candy the most. They really enjoyed jumping and doing different tricks, for many of them it was the first time. And of course, they saw and tasted cotton candy for the first time.
And most importantly for us, it was a Bible lesson station where we shared the message of The Four. This is a way to tell the Gospel using 4 signs.
Thank you so much for your support. It is so great that together with you we can be missionaries in many parts of the world. We are praying for you! May God bless everyone.

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