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Kenya 02/14/23

Greetings from Africa. My name is Natalia Yevtushyk.
Our team and I decided to give a little bit of the love that is inside us. We bought a few roses, made small food packages – milk, cookies and walked around the village of Dunga, visiting our old grandmothers. We gave roses to passing girls and women, and also talked about the love of Jesus, which never stops…
Every Wednesday we hold a solemn service. One of the evenings was a night of praise for pretenses. We had a good opportunity to talk about what worship is, who we worship, and to talk that everything around is about Christ. We sang together about God and His love. I believe that people all around listened to our singing, and our worship, and God touched their hearts.
We held another service. Where I could share the Word. I talked about how important it is that Jesus is always at the center of everything.
Of course, we didn’t leave them hungry. And even more, we finally found the necessary finances to feed them a hot full lunch or dinner.
Thank you all so much for your support! Thank you for your prayers! May God bless you

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