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Kenya 01/12/23

Greetings! Kuznetsov Kirill, Kenya, Kitale

I continue to receive patients in the clinic at the church. Schools in Kenya are now on holiday, children are injured much more often, a lot of time is spent on dressings. Also, due to the dry season, the incidence of malaria is increasing every day, and more and more severe cases.
Not all patients can reach the clinic. Many elderly people in the Shimmo slums are unable to move independently but need medical attention. In families where parents drink and do not take care of children, it is not uncommon for children to become seriously ill and none of the adults nearby care. Therefore, in addition to clinics, I go from house to house in the slums to help those who need it, but cannot apply for it themselves.
In addition to offline work in the clinic, slums, and rehabilitation center Embrace, online work takes a lot of time – consultations of missionaries from other parts of Kenya, and sometimes from other countries.
Thank you very much for your support and blessings!

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