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Kenya 12/21/2023

Hello everyone
I am Baraka and together with my wife and son we serve together in Kisumu, Kenya as Pastors of New Life Church.

In the past weeks we still continued to preach the Word of God and preach the Gospel to everyone who needs to hear about Christ. Praying for people for healing and infilling of the Holy Spirit. Our desire has always been to let Jesus known to everyone we come in contact with and share His love with others too. 

It’s powerful to see how much people have a hunger and thirst for God. Youth, teens and pre teens and even the elderly expressed this hunger. We bless God for everything and request you to continue praying with us.

In this past week we also had a great time with our youth from Year For God Project. Other than the other lesson times we have with them; this was a great time to interact with them further and most importantly at a personal level. Get to know them more and see their hearts in Christ and also speak the Light of Jesus into their lives even as we fellowship with food. Great opportunity to touch their hearts and meet them at individual levels.

We have the youth sports TaeKwonDo club that trains and meets in our church. This week was also a good time when some of them grew in skill and were honored.
Sport has been a great avenue for us to reach the young people and evangelize Christ to them. Most young people especially from the slum areas of the city have found a place they can enjoy being in and put their gift into practice but also at the same time have an opportunity to know about Christ when we meet with them. So grateful for this harvest avenue God led us into.

One of my tasks is also to help and support my wife to serve in the church. She was part of the leadership of the team that organized and led the youth conference that hosted about 400 youth from different parts of Kenya. Great time of ministry that was and we thank God that we saw miracles happen and witnessed the Holy Spirit fill people in a tremendous way.

Now it’s Christmas season and time and we are celebrating Christ with every ministry in the church. We also request you to pray for us that people will have an understanding of what Christmas is all about and their desire, hunger and thirst for Christ and the things of His kingdom will increase.

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