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Kenya 12/07/2023

Hello everyone from Malindi, Kenya! 👋😊
Sharing the latest news with you all. Everything here remains as usual, according to the schedule, with daily services:

– Ministry at the children’s prison.
– Home group.
– Visiting families with the preaching of the Gospel, providing food, and distributing Bibles in Swahili.
– Assisting in school fees for children whose parents are unable to pay.
– Providing spiritual support to village churches with literature.
– Currently working on translating a blessed book into English and then into Swahili, titled “Awakening Begins with Me.” Thanks a LOT to Anatoly Petrovich and sponsors!
A special thank you from me to those who support my ministry! I am very grateful to you! May the Heavenly Father bless you and repay you a hundredfold for your generosity!!! ❤️😊🌍

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