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Kenya 09/12/2023

Greetings from Natalia Yevtushyk from the equator)
Thank God I can continue to serve in Kisumu, Kenya.
Together with you we can hug, comfort, feed, and most importantly, share the Gospel.
Without you it would be difficult, and to some extent impossible.

We had an event at the Pritins. We had a Mr. and Mrs. Pritince event. We had 16 participants who had been preparing for 3 weeks. They showed their ability to introduce themselves, had a task to show how creative they are and to use a piece of material where they would like, to show their talent and knowledge of the Bible.
I used this event to remind the children of the most valuable thing – our identity in Christ. We said that we should live by what the word of God says – “we are chosen,” “we are loved,” “we are saved,” “we have a wonderful future,” “we are a new creation” and reject our past or what people dictate to us.
I am very sorry that we did not have a photographer, I led the service and there were very few photos and they were of very poor quality.

At the beginning of each service we feed the pritins because they are very hungry, some of them have not eaten anything since last night. Or they had only breakfast – tea. Yes, it is right to eat tea here, because it dulls hunger a little bit. Often, when the pritins came to us, they were not feeling well at the service and when asked if they had eaten today, they said, “Yes, I had tea for breakfast.”
After we started feeding them, they could spend more time in church and listen to the Word of God. We raised very important topics for the princes. At one service we talked about how to hear God, how to pray.

We also showed them the movie “I Believe”, when a teenage boy did not lose his faith in God despite the adults and various trials.
Also, thanks to IMoce for the popcorn machine, which we use very often, and when the children watched the movie, they could have popcorn.

At the last meeting we learned how to hear God. In general, it was a discovery for many of them that God can speak to a person. So we talked about how this can happen and had a little practice. We prayed and then imagined Jesus. Several children said they felt warmth, some felt His presence. It is important for us to bring children not to us, but to God. Our desire is their personal relationship with Him.

I also had several meetings at the school. I had several questions. Thank God the school owners came and we were able to talk frankly. It was a pretty good meeting. I hope the disadvantages we discussed will become advantages.



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