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Kenya 09/12/2023

Greetings brothers and sisters, it is Natalia from Kisumu & West Pokot field happy to share what the Lord is doing through our hands.

During the past two weeks we had the privilege of hosting my parents from Ukraine, It was such  refreshing time for them to have some time out of the war environment in Ukraine and also help us with ministry work here in Kenya.

We were working on the construction of our main church sanctuary in Pokot building walls around the church placing ant heat reflectors on the roof, so that the church remains cool during church service. The church hall will also be used as a class room starting January 2024 hence the need to have it complete before next year.

We also started working  on the Kitchen which will be used to feed not only those coming to church but also children during school days, the children do come to church for meals after school.

We did continued with our female hygiene education where we produced 25 re-usable hygiene kits for the women, educated them on the use and distributed the same. The kits are very important and needed items here in Pokot since  most women don’t have anything to use during their monthly periods.

We continued construction work at the fourth church fixing the floor, so that people can worship comfortably as well as started working on the pastors house at the 4th church.

During the same period we did conduct 4 outreaches and evangelism sessions and 25 people gave their lives to Christ.

We also managed to support needy women in church with food packages distributing about 120 food packages, this was such a big blessing to the women in church.

Thank you for the continued support.



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