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Cuba 30.01

Greetings from sunny Cuba! We are very glad that we can serve the Lord together with you! We thank the Lord that despite the difficulties that our country is experiencing due to the pandemic, we can continue to serve the Lord.

This week we held evangelism in the village of Reform, in the suburbs of Havana. We carried the word, small gifts, and praised our Savior.

Praise the Lord 13 people accepted Jesus as their savior. In the East of the country, in the village of Kanei, the work of a kindergarten and a daily school has resumed, where children spend the afternoon while their parents are at work and can do their homework with the help of teachers from the church. And every day there is a Bible lesson.

We are grateful to everyone who supports our ministry, thanks to your help we can buy the necessary materials for teaching and food to give the children an afternoon snack.

Also, our youth team is intensively preparing for the evangelistic campaign, which will be held in February in the mountain villages of the province of Santiago de Cuba.

So, due to the difficulties caused by the pandemic, we were not able to transfer the banner of the IMOCE mission, we were able to make it on our own. Praise the Lord for this. Now this banner is in our church and the second smaller one, we will use for traveling evangelism.

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