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Cuba 20.02

Greetings, dear friends, I want to tell you how the services are going in Cuba. This week the Lord blessed us in a special way: for the first time in the entire period of the IMOCE mission in our country, we were able to move from the city of Havana to the East of the country!

The team in the city of Havana has been preparing for a long time to carry out a missionary trip to the city of Santiago de Cuba to transport staff and equipment for the HAPPY TIME in this area, and we have been waiting for the arrival of our brothers from America to complete this trip together. But, unfortunately, at the moment, missionaries from other countries cannot visit Cuba (due to the sanitary regulations associated with the epidemic). The mission leadership decided that the local teams would conduct this trip on their own.

Staff was prepared: 2 inflatable slides, 1 trampoline, 2 popcorn machines (large and small), a cotton candy machine, a cannon to launch soap bubbles. Some food was also purchased and humanitarian aid was prepared, which was collected by members of the church in Havana. All of this was loaded into a trailer truck, which the mission helped pay for. The trip was very difficult, the enemy arranged a variety of obstacles: just before leaving, the electrical wiring in the car completely burned down, the repair took 24 hours!!!! But the team did not give up and continued to pray, in this prayer we were supported by Ukraine, Mexico, America, and many people in different countries! Thanks to everyone who prayed for us!

The path was long and after 24 hours of travel, we arrived in the village of Caney, Santiago de Cuba. Although the team from Havana was delayed on the road, our brothers and sisters from the village of Caney did not cancel the planned sites and held 2 sites on their own, where a total of more than 300 children and 100 adults took part.

And despite the fact that the team from Havana arrived in Santiago almost at midnight, we were greeted with joy and we held a meeting to hold a HAPPY TAME in the Republic village the next day. Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful day!! For the first time, so many children and adults gathered in this place, the whole village was with us!!! Children and adults gladly accepted the Good News and accepted Jesus as their savior!! Our two teams served with joy and were able to glorify the name of the Lord.

Dear family mission IMOCE we are very happy to be part of God’s huge team that serves in different countries of the world helps many, many people, and carries God’s Word to the ends of the Earth! Be blessed! We are very grateful for your participation and support! Many thanks to all sponsors, to all who work in other countries, to all members of the mission for serving in the expansion of the Kingdom of God. Your contribution is very important for these ministries.

May the Lord bless your lives, your families, and your businesses in a special way as we work together for the glory of our Savior Jesus Christ

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