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Cuba 10/24/22

Greetings to all members of the group from distant Cuba. We are very happy to be able to get in touch with you again. Last week we were unable to publish our report due to the fact that we had practically no internet and there was no electricity in many parts of the country. But despite these difficulties, our mission continued its ministries.
In the city of Havana, we were able to have a “Happy Time for the kids” in a poor area. We were able to install slides and also make cotton candy, Thank God that we used this time and did not turn off the electricity, although there was a programmed shutdown that day.
After the end of the playground, the children, as always, received spiritual food and also a delicious afternoon snack.
The church also continued to visit the sick and needy, and small food aid was distributed.
Our kindergarten continues to operate in the city of Santiago de Cuba. And many thanks to the IMOCE mission for their support, because in addition to food, they were also able to purchase materials for children’s education, as well as some toys and the necessary material for children’s activities.
This month, in the Bible lessons in the kindergarten, the main topic is the creation of the world. The children made their drawings.
Also, our pastor Roelbis and his wife Anna visited the Mountain village and held classes there, and visited those in need. Where possible, they took the bus, and then had to move on foot.
With all our work, we glorify our Lord and try to ensure that as many adults and children as possible find the way to salvation.
Our team continues to pray, and you are always in our prayers. Also in our prayer groups, we pray for Ukraine, for all missionaries in different parts of the world, and also for all volunteers and sponsors who support us in this hard work. May the Lord bless you and your families in a special way.

by Victoria Chichkalenko

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