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Cuba 26.09

Good day to all members of the group, peace, and blessings of God! We are in a hurry to share news from Cuba, from various cities where our mission begins its ministry.
First of all, we thank all the prayer books who prayed for Cuba, Praise the Lord, our prayers already have their first answers. This week, the Cuban government announced a weakening of the measures introduced in the country a year and a half ago in connection with the quarantine. It was announced that the curfew will now be until 10:30 pm, that institutions and businesses will open, transport will begin to work, and, most importantly, that they have allowed full-fledged services in the church !! Praise the Lord for this.
And now the first service in the church in the city of Contra Maestre, in the East of the country. The church is still under construction, but the ministry has already begun !! In the village of Caney, province of Santiago de Cuba, our youth happily got down to business, they cleaned and tidied up the temple so that everything would be ready for service. And also work continues to visit the elderly and sick people, the youth prepared food aid and brought home those in need, and of course, they shared the Word!
And help non-believers accept Jesus as their savior. Also, the youth of this church supported the small church “Living stones” in a mountain village, where the opening of the church and the first service was held for the first time since the pandemic. Praise the Lord for these young hearts that burn for the Lord! We express our deep gratitude to all sponsors, all brothers and sisters who support the mission financially and spiritually, you are our support and support. We pray tirelessly for you and your families. Be blessed.

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