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Crisis center “Little Mom” 20.10

Hello dear friends, our project “Little Mom” ​​on this day is in a hurry to share the events that are taking place in our country.
Our crisis center in Mangush is now packed to capacity, there are 9 children and 9 adults, and there are now 6 children and 10 adults at the adaptation center.
In the east of Ukraine, it became significantly colder and we bought the first batch of firewood to heat our crisis center “Little Mom”. Thanks to the support of the IMOCE Mission and its partners, yesterday we bought food for a month, this will allow us to provide three meals a day for mothers and children who live with us. Thank you so much for this help. All our children do not know what the word “daddy” is, so they often really need the image of a man and a father, I am glad that my husband, who is the pastor of our ministry, is doing an excellent job with this role.
Children love it when they check their lessons and are always waiting for the good grades of the tasty treats. We also continue the treatment of our Lyubochka, because of the beatings of her stepfather, the girl has vision problems, the doctor prescribed glasses, today we have already purchased everything on prescription and the frames for glasses and lenses are necessary, but the child’s nervous system is still disturbed (she is very afraid of everything). Thank God, she and her mother live in our crisis center, and we continue to resolve the issue of removing Lyuba’s younger brother from his father’s aggressor, in our country, this is not a simple procedure.
In our crisis center, an “honorable corner” has been formed where children exhibit their successes and achievements. We rejoice together with them in their first victories in a new life with Christ. Together with you, we continue to serve God and people and pray for all directions in serving the IMOCE Mission, separately Pray and bless the upcoming trip to Africa. We also pray for all partners of the IMOCE Mission and thank you for your sacrificial hearts.

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