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Kenya 16.09

Hello everyone from sunny Kenya. I would like to share the latest events in recent times. I visited the children in the orphanage, drew the last drawings on the walls, at the moment it is becoming more and more difficult to visit them since it is difficult to see such an appeal of workers to children and in front of any guest, they behave quite restrained and polite, but I know that He is there every time He renews over and over again the strength and desire to go and continue what he started.
All the same, every day there is a ministry for children from the slums, every evening they have the opportunity to get a hot dinner in church, someone has a meal only once a day, in addition to feeding, we teach them how to cook and just treat them with something delicious. they also decided to make a small library for them, and now, in addition to Kraft, games, Bible lessons, some just find a quieter corner and read the whole evening. During the week, clothes were handed out to children, before that they went through all the water procedures. the topic was relevant for them, since most of the girls in the slums, due to the difficult financial situation in the family, start earning money from the age of 9-10. selling your body. in addition to everything, we did a small conversation for the older girls and boys from the “feeding” project on the topic: “Purity”, spiritual, physical. We pray for them, for their families, and their future families.
Thank you to everyone who supports ministry in Kenya, thank God that I can share this time with these children, that He can do His work through my hands, words, deeds, and life. Thank you very much, we pray for you and bless you.

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