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Kenya 14.09

Greetings to everyone from Kenya, Kisumu, Dunga. Every day there is something to be happy about and there are frustrating things. But Jesus said that our faith overcomes this world. So we get comfortable and move on without losing this precious gift – our faith! Every week I try to meet with those responsible for the Home Groups. Thomas is a blessing to me and the Church. We are planning to open 2 adults Home Groups soon.
This week God allowed me to spend a day in a wonderful place, which was made especially for missionaries. We took with us a girl who was on notice. I felt that I needed to talk to her. It was a wonderful time. We talked about the restoration, her heart, and the future. I believe it was a fateful trip and communication. I believe that this kind of communication makes a lot of difference.
Also this week we visited 2 families. They brought food parcels. We also visited the family, grandparents live in an iron box, which can hardly be called a home. Mission helps them with groceries.
She also served in the youth ministry. The sermon was about false gods – idols that prevent us from following Christ. On Sunday after the service, we visited a youth homegroup. We discussed the topic “Hearing God’s voice”. Two children shared tears about what was happening in their families. The girl’s brother drinks take everything out of the house, and the boy Victor’s older brother is a drug addict. Children live with this pain every day God gave a Word of encouragement for them. The girl should come for a consultation. She also has an unidentifiable disease. But not for God. Miracles are possible with Him!
I am glad that I can serve these people here! Thank you for your support and encouragement, for your prayers and finances! This is very valuable to us! May the Lord abundantly pour out His grace for you, your families, your ministry, and your business! Love you!

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