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Kenya 09.09

I watch you brothers and sisters with the love of our Jesus Christ, do not wish God’s grace and mercy to come with you. Visit you and the team from Kenya Kitale. The service on the Embrace is going on.
Many people were given a geography lesson, the children learned more about the continents and the facts about them. For a week, a quest for children was carried out at the nursery service. Children were sent to a choice of commanders, asked for food according to the Library, as well as a skin team, it was necessary to show a mini-scene of the other commanders who were able to see it.
The children didn’t take good care of their creativity, (Scenes of the Rozp’yattya of Jesus Christ, the People of Jesus, about the salvation of Zacchaeus). Also, during the project of the year, the children in the slums were engaged in handicrafts, a lot of children to practice with knives of the Blessed Day, and in a hearty mood, let God’s peace in your hearts, and God’s wisdom to guide you.

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