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The Little Mom crisis center 08.09

Good Wednesday, dear friends! Our project for women with children “Little Mom” ​​is actively working in the front-line Mariupol in eastern Ukraine. We are in a hurry to share the events of the outgoing week. Zhenya Ponomarenko, one of the brightest girls from the crisis center “Little Mom”, celebrated her 9th birthday. She lives in the center with her mother and older sister. We helped to connect families and return the girls from the orphanage to the mother.
Evgeny Ivanovich is the soul of our adaptation center. At the adaptation center, we have migrants, as well as graduates from the crisis center “Little Mom”. None of our events take place without his participation. In the past, he is a teacher of the Russian language and literature. Writes poetry and music for all our holidays. Spends a lot of time with children. On this day it celebrates its 60th anniversary. All adaptation centers congratulated him on his anniversary.
We ask you to support the crisis of the “Little Mom” ​​center – David Vasilenko in prayer for our youngest resident. During the examination, the baby was found to have elevated blood sugar levels, retake and additional examinations show possible diabetes mellitus. We can pray with all mothers and children for his Health and believe in a miracle from God

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