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Kisumu, Dunga 07.09

Warm greetings to you precious from Kenya, Dunga village. Now we are cleaning the area that was flooded. We are engaged in visiting a homegroup in a neighboring slum. We met one mom, she cried, because we prayed and brought food. The father of her children drinks and she was allowed to live for the time being in one room. One little girl is sick with HIV and another disease, her whole life is on pills. When there is no money, she does not take pills and simply lies from powerlessness.
When I visited, I came across one family. There are many sects here and this is one of them. People believe in black magic and do various rituals.
I am so grateful to you for the fact that we can calmly serve and not worry about financial support. Thank you precious. We offer you in our prayers every day! May God richly bless you dear ones.
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