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Hello dear friends! Our project “Little Mom” ​​sends you warm greetings from the east of Ukraine.

This week our dear Anatoly Petrovich Kolomiets was received. Brother Anatoly visited our crisis center “Little Mom” ​​saw the work of our center and met the children and mothers. The children immediately fell in love with him and did not let him go for a minute. Anatoly Petrovich also got acquainted with our adaptation center, which is located in Mariupol itself overlooking the sea. It is home to displaced persons, as well as women with children who have successfully passed the crisis center and they are going through a stage of socialization, like in society. Brother Anatoly shared the Word. God and Pray for all our work. We continue to collect children for school. This is not an easy task, since 11 of the 13 children of the project are schoolchildren. We’ve got some concentrate, but there is still a need for school clothes. Forgive us to support us in prayer, so that we can get all the children to school, both documentary and materially! We pray for all areas of service of the AMOCE Mission, as well as for all co-workers and partners of the IMOCE Mission

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