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Greetings, dear brothers and sisters. Again, with you the distant country of Cuba! We rejoice at every opportunity the Lord gives us to continue serving people.

We still have very big restrictions, but despite this, the Lord is doing great miracles: this week at the service in the city of Havana, in the “High Hall” church where pastors Angel Luis and Neri, three people received Water Baptism and this is a great joy because for more than 1.5 years it was impossible to do this. Also, work continues in our park, here in the photo you can see how, after the well-coordinated work of many brothers and sisters on its improvement, it shines with its bright colors and lush potion and garden beds. This work also has your merit, because without your help it would have been impossible to purchase paint and everything you need to connect the water supply. Once again, we thank the Lord and all sponsors for their support! There is also tireless home visiting work and also groups of leaders gather for prayer in the park, praying for all needs and also necessary for the IMOCE mission. We would also like to share about our work in the east of the country, where the situation is the most difficult at the moment.

In the village of Caney, in the church where the pastor’s Julio Caesar and Nelvis, the kindergarten and school that are attached to the church, are now closed by the authorities, but the teachers continue their work, they visit the children and their families and share their word and help as much as they can. And with the donations that the mission gave just recently, they were able to purchase some food and sweets for the children.

They need us and we will always be there for them, and not only in words but also in deeds. May the Lord bless your lives and all the ministries that the Lord has placed in your hands. Dear brothers and sisters, we are together a great power and together we will continue to serve for the Glory of God and expand His kingdom on Earth !!!

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