Hello friends! We continue to share with you the news of our crisis center “Little Mom”, which continues its work in Germany despite the war.
Every Tuesday we hold a prayer group with Germans. We pray for our country, now also for Israel and other requests. Sometimes our prayer groups coincide with the celebration of anniversaries.
The children and their mothers began to attend the gym again every Tuesday and Thursday from 15:00-16:30.
One of our boys celebrated his 18th birthday, and he and his mother are in our project together with his younger brother. This is the second attempt for their family to escape the war.

Today our ministry was visited by a pastor and his wife from the Church of God Christian Union from the small German city of Plüdenhausen.
The minister of our rehabilitation center Oleksandr Grinchenko received the Order of Courage, 3rd class, on behalf of the President of Ukraine. Our brother bravely defended Mariupol, was wounded, went through Azovstal and captivity, and now he is defending Ukraine again.
We pray for the pastor of our center, Oleksandr Matiushyn, who continues to serve as a chaplain in Ukraine.
We thank the IMOCE Mission for the continued financial and spiritual support of our center. May God richly bless everyone involved in the work of this Mission.