Hello precious. Catch a little hello from our missionary lands. Kenya.
We spent an evening of prayer and worship near the fire. A special time for touching God. Well, some bread with tea. Thank God for such a blessing for our children. The leader had his homework as a continuation of the PRAISE AND PRAYER EVENING. They went deeper into the issue of prayer and worship. Children’s Church FIRE BLACK SMOKE IN DIRECT SENSE. God speaks to Moses through the burning bush. Conducted a prayer for patients with malaria. We visited the family, they all attend our church, their son from malaria went crazy many years ago ….. always sleeps on the floor and rags … this time there was an opportunity to help with a mattress for him … Praise the Lord. They helped the girl, she has anemia and HIV …. so weak that sometimes she cannot walk … helped with food and medicine …. Thank you for your assistance, prayers! I am grateful to God for you and every day I bring you in prayer.

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