Greetings from the Onguko family!
I am happy to share with you again this month’s news.
At the beginning of the month, after our trip to the desert and the opening of the new ministry building, all three pastors and our entire family fell ill with some kind of viral infection, which was accompanied by weakness and high fever. So we spent a lot of time in the hospital recovering. But we thank God for the healing and returned to work with renewed vigor.
This is the time when children who study in schools under the Kenyan system finish the school year. And the school we support also held a graduation ceremony for the children – they thanked God for a good school year, as well as the opportunity for orphans and children from disadvantaged families to get an education. The children showed their talents to their parents, the community, and representatives of the educational office.
My family and I also went to Pokot and spent a week there looking for a suitable plot of land to build a center for girls. But for now, we have been arranging and making our rented house more comfortable. I also went through a stack of job applications for social workers.
Since the holidays have begun, we expect that there will be girls who need shelter, because it is during this season that most circumcisions are performed and usually these children do not return to school, but prepare for marriage.
Over the weekend we worked with the children, telling them Bible stories, singing songs, playing games – they really appreciate this time and the attention they receive.
As one of the local interns who is doing her internship at our missionary base noted, the locals are very observant of whether our actions coincide with what we say from the pulpit.
We are constantly preaching, even when our lips are closed.
I am grateful for your support and that we can
be there ❤️