Hello from Kitale/Kenya. I would like to tell you some news about the ministry)) Together with the team, we continue to bless families from the slums of Shima Latev with beds. It is priceless to see the happy faces of people and realize that now the children will not sleep on the floor!

Thank you for your financial support and opportunity to serve. We also had a trip with the Happy Time project. I prepared information boards and badges for the team. She also did video and photography.

Then there was preparation for the departure to the Dudu Clinic. Together with Olya, we were engaged in the purchase of everything necessary for the provision of medical care. On the project itself, I was responsible for the organization of all processes: the installation of places for washing feet and carrying out procedures. Control of the issuance of new shoes and soap to children, replenishment of medical instruments and materials. And of course, photography and videography.

She also launched a sports ministry for teenagers. Now pieces of training are held 3 times a week for 1.5-2 hours. In a group of up to 15 people. We have already built a very cool and trusting relationship, as a real team, we not only train together but also pray and help each other. I am very glad that I can serve these children and be their coach and mentor.

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