Hello everyone,

I want to share some news from Kisumu, Kenya. Since we currently have a team from America and guests from Russia on the mission, I organized the children from our orphanage to write letters to their supporters. After that, I managed the organization of these letters. I gathered addresses, wrote information about each child, and prepared envelopes with the letters and a small gift. Our children created such beautiful letters/

Additionally, one of our children is graduating from school and leaving the orphanage this year. To motivate him to study well, he was given a laptop. I am very happy for him and believe this will help him in the future.

We also bought clothes, but this time mainly for the older children – both boys and girls. For Mother’s Day, I organized gifts for our women volunteers who help me at the orphanage. Some clean, some cook, and some stay overnight with the children. I always tell them that this is not just a job – it is a ministry. Over time, they have become family to these orphans, so we thanked them and celebrated the holiday.

Every Sunday, I lead a study group with teenagers. Every Wednesday, we gather preteens from the slums of Dunga and Nanga and tell them about God. We try to make good presentations so the children can better understand the information. It’s very challenging for them to imagine things, so we strive to show and help them visualize how things were in each story or illustration.

Every Wednesday, we also feed them something tasty, so they feel the love and care of Jesus and can better absorb the Word of God.

I am very grateful for your support. May God bless you.