Hello precious. This week has been full of guests! We are very grateful to cooperate with your Imoce mission! Anatoly thank you for opening your heart to us and the African people! We visited families a lot. We prayed a lot for this land and this person, for the water to come down, bless the area where the construction of the church and the construction site itself and the collection of finances, we believe that God will shed His light on these dark slums in our city, the locals call them GARDEN AND GAMORA, support us in prayer!

And of course, we served together in the Massai tribe, got there for 18 hours by minibus … and in the end, we did it with the whole team! Thank God for you and for this time together! I would like to say THANK YOU, dear ones, for your help and sacrifice to help and serve together! For finance! Prayers! This is a valuable and blessed prayer, and I bless you dear ones!

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