Good day to all! Another blessed and productive week on the mission has passed. Visited families from the slums. They drank tea together, talked, and thus brought the Word of the Gospel to them. While talking, someone took out the larvae of the sand flea from the legs with an ordinary thorn.
They also went to serve with a visiting clinic on Mount Elgon, with the Happy Time program, where they were able, with God’s help, to provide medical assistance and bring joy to all 1800 children. The video shows one of the classes at the school, where children are wearing bracelets to distribute them to classes and stations.
More than 100 children, not counting adults, were provided with medical assistance, their legs were treated for sarcopsilosis (larvae of the sand flea). The first procedure was to wash the feet before starting to get. If you do not get it, they can parasitize throughout the body, and therefore a long and painstaking work was carried out with instructing the prevention of this disease. Thank you for the opportunity to bring sweet joy to children in addition to the medical part.
We continue to accept patients from different areas of the slums in our clinic at the church. We don’t stop feeding the kids from the slums. Another important event was this week – it’s baptism! We are happy to see how young people consciously dedicate their lives to Christ. I sincerely thank everyone who participates in this not easy ministry. God is making incredible changes in the hearts and lives of people here on the edge of the earth.

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