Merry Christmas to everyone!
Sharing news from the Giriama tribe, Kenya. Marina Shkraba visited a very poor family, bringing them Christmas groceries. There are many children in the family. Benches were purchased for a village church. They had to rent benches from someone because there wasn’t enough space. However, paying for benches every Sunday is costly for a village church. Christmas was organized for children in prison. A delicious lunch (fish and beans) was ordered for them, as fish is not included in the prison rations.
They watched the film “Jesus” in Swahili, and at the end, seven boys repented.
Then, Marina gave them gifts (macadamia nuts, milk, socks, toothpaste, a toothbrush, towel, Vaseline).
Unfortunately, the second camera wasn’t opened because some of the children wanted to escape again. However, they also received gifts and a delicious lunch.
The children were very happy and grateful! 

Thank you so much to the Imoce mission and sponsors for your financial assistance! May it be repaid to you a hundredfold!