Hello everyone from the equator!
It’s been a while since I sent any updates 🙁 but November turned out to be challenging. Almost the entire month, my kids were sick, and they’re still coughing (for over a month now👀), so I really need prayers to our Lord! The whole month, our team of volunteers from the CHILD SPONSORSHIP project conducted interviews with all the children we support. In the end, we had over 100 meetings with parents and students! After all, there are more than 500 children in the project that we need to send to school. We spoke with each one, reminded them of the rules, and clarified school details. We encouraged parents and students! And now we are actively preparing for the new school year, which will start on January 8.

The team without which we couldn’t help hundreds of people every day! These are young people under 25 years old! They love God, are ready to serve, and follow Jesus! This is important and valuable! We trust them, and my dream is for them to one day go for Jesus to the ends of the earth! To step out of the boat, to be vigilant “even for an hour,” to always be ready for good deeds, to shine on the mountain…. 🔥🔥🔥 In short, I love them, and they are the ones who often serve behind the scenes under the scorching sun! And you know, I am so grateful to God that the fruits are already visible!!! It’s not scary to leave, and I know that if the Lord calls me to another place, these guys know what to do👌

And this will be my shortest report. Because my goal was to meet with every student, and together with the team, we achieved it! Together we are preparing for Christmas and the new school year 🙏 With great gratitude to everyone who supports missionaries all over the world! Your faith moves mountains🔥