Hello everyone from Kenya, the “Assistance” mission. I’m eager to share with you the events happening with us.

We’ve had several meetings for preteens, especially since it’s vacation time, so there are more of them. For the first time in a year, we didn’t have enough hot meals. During one of the services, the children were delighted with hot tea and buns. With the rainy season upon us, something warm is particularly soothing in the almost nightly downpours.

We had a skit about Jesus being tempted by Satan and discussed it. We served 250 plates of hot lunch, but it wasn’t enough because 290 preteens showed up. They need so little for happiness. It was a real celebration for them when we bought cakes. They were so happy, saying it felt like their birthday or asking what holiday it was today.

During the holidays, the girls asked to have their hair braided, and we organized it for them. Since it’s vacation time, we are making an effort to spend more time with the children from the shelter. Every Saturday, we play games. Last Saturday, for example, we played bingo.

I’m also dealing with school matters. We decided to transfer some children to another school. So, immediately after the end of the school year, I started this process – taking children to interviews, exams, and gathering all the necessary documents. Now all that’s left is to order the uniforms.

One of my students from the Year for God program has almost completed her first project.

I want to thank each of you for your support, both in prayer and financially. It’s wonderful that we can serve the Lord together in different corners of the world.

May God bless you.