Hello everyone from Kitale/Kenya). Some news about the past week and the ministry.
We continue training with my #onewayjesus team. We pray, read the Bible, and play sports. This week the team learned to dream and talked about how important it is to have a worthy character. We wrote our dreams and what we want to change in our character. We prayed that the Lord helped us to be transformed and be like Christ.
The guys went home with the task to pray for their friend/relative/acquaintance, who does not yet know Christ. I bought socks for the guys because they did not even have one pair and math sets for school. I also visited the family of one of my main dancers.
I am preparing material for the search for a sponsor.
Helped financially with the rent for the house, because. mother has been unemployed for a long time. Made a banner for the Happy Time project.
I edited a video about the “Bed for the Family” ministry. I continue to maintain the imoce_africa Instagram page.
Thank you for your support and prayers. I am happy to serve these children and carry the love of Christ!

by Christina Pavlova

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