Greetings to all! Been away for a while due to our family vacation!

Thank God for this opportunity to take a break, especially at this time of my toxicosis. We spent 100% of the time with the family, walked a lot, and just enjoyed the time together!

At the end of last week, we returned to Kenya and are joining our working days – service on Dunga in Kenya!

Of course, the first thing I did was meet with my project workers, whom I trusted to work in my absence. Discussed the past month, difficulties, and achievements!

Every time I get happier and happier! More and more assignments and responsibilities can be transferred to local ministers. Our church members are working on the project, and the closer they are to Jesus, the better their work! More love, see, care, and sympathize! In the beginning, there were big gaps in all these areas!

Today it is truly a new creation!

Well, my main job is working with the sponsors of our children. Preparing reports for mailing! I sort through hundreds of accumulated letters in all messengers.

When I make reports to the sponsors of the children and see their joyful faces, this gives me even more motivation, I will share a few photos with you too!

by Vlada Sidorchuk

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