Hello everyone, I would like to share the latest updates on the mission field.

We had the opportunity to share the gospel to people in the street and village. They were open to receiving the gospel and willing to know more about the word of God. Also, in the same village, I got to visit  2 families (Faith and Maggie’s family) and 2 churches to encourage them, pray and receive feedback on how business is doing. praise God they are not struggling  to get food like before.

We got help church by going out with Ministers in training to show  them on how to evergelize and Praise God we got to meet with grandmother who lives alone without anyone  t ake care for her. struggling with food and addiction of drugs, also with no knowledge about Jesus we got to explain to her who Jesus is. she seems to be shocked on how Jesus raised from death because she didn’t have any idea because  all her life she never went to school or church. We ask her to pray for her and she thought she needs to pay for prayers but we explain prayers is for free and praise God we were able to pray for her, teech the bible and give her food.

We had a good time with kids in slum Bangladesh. We had games, bible study and worship. Praise God we can see changes of character. We got to visit 3 widows family to pray and encourage them on how small business help.

Thank you so much for your support in prayers and financial support may God bless you.

by Ruth Wangari Kuria

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