Greetings dear friends!

Over the past week, our orphanage has replenished several infants. All of them are refuseniks, one baby, who is approximately 1.5 years old (he is in the photo) was found in the grass on the river bank not far from the mission, in an extremely emaciated state. It is not known how long he lay there, but judging by his condition, the child had been starving for quite some time and was severely dehydrated. The condition is aggravated by concomitant infections, now we are actively engaged in the treatment and recovery of this baby.

Every day I receive patients, mainly children attending a school at the mission, parishioners of the church, and their children. The conditions of our small clinic allow for instrumental examination, transportation, and surgical treatment of wounds, even small out-of-band operations. Now there is a significant decline in the incidence of malaria and typhoid fever, and most often you have to deal with infections of the respiratory system and burns. In our orphanage, there are many children with congenital pathologies, including cerebral palsy. Starting this week, the clinic has also become a massage parlor – he began to massage children with the most serious ones.

In addition to medical work, in the evenings I perform the function of a cook for our large team.

by Kirill

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