Greetings from Kenya, from the ASSISTANCE mission. I hasten to please with photos from the installation of beds for poor families! Installed three beds in houses where these beds could hardly fit! These are the first beds in the LIFE of these people, in the life of these children! How nice it is to do good and see so much joy in the eyes of people! I am sure that by caring for those in need, we are doing good in the eyes of God! The families where we installed the beds are the parishioner families in our church! Support in prayer so that this good deed will open their eyes even more to God’s love and care for Them!

Mom died a few years ago. Father-fisherman brings up children! In the photo is their whole house, they are renting half of the clay house, where ONLY the bed fits!

Second family. Children from our church. Mom is unbelieving. And mentally handicapped. More than once she drove the children out into the street for various reasons. Either the dishes were washed badly, or the Firewood was not collected enough … something else. Pray for the children, may they have healthy families in the future! Pray for your mother, for her repentance and sincere dedication to God!

Of course, our youth from the church helps out and sets up the beds! We wouldn’t have made it without them!

Finished interviewing all 550 students this Saturday!

Since there are more than 60% of children in the project without support, my main task now is to look for sponsors so that every child can get an education and have a chance for the future!

We really appreciate your service to us!

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