Greetings brothers and sisters! I am sharing with you the Lord’s progress from the equator, from Kenya, the city of Kimumu🙏
Every day I am more and more amazed at my mom who alone lifted me up in her time. And I sympathize with the local moms who raise their children in such (if I may say so) conditions. Now I have two children and more than 500 children from mission projects. And thank God, I have the strength to serve, although I admit it is not always easy and with joy.
At the mission I am responsible for social projects. I teach local people to take care of their own, as Christ taught. We try to fill the most minimal needs of people, showing through this the care of the Lord for his children. Every day we feed more than 100 children and the elderly. For more than 10 years we have been helping children from slums to get at least elementary school education. We help buy medicines for those who need them on a regular basis due to chronic diseases.
I look for finances for all this, through the Internet… I help to realize all this here, on the spot and then make reports to those who sent the finances.
And in everyday life I also have to solve other issues, such as visiting families, finding out the true stories of the families. Resolving conflicts and misunderstandings. Dealing with schools and staff. To control finances and their incomes, to keep an eye on prices in stores and to fill people’s needs in time. Praise God for God’s guidance and provision🙏 in all of this
Thank you dear ones for your support for me as a missionary! It is very precious to our family! I feel like a lily and a bird of God that is not baked, but I receive care from you as from the Lord🤍

Sincerely Vlada Sidorchuk