Greetings to all who love the Lord!

I want to send greetings and immense gratitude from Kenya. I continue to serve in the mission, and I am thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to serve Him. I would like to share a need right away! If there is a possibility, please support us in prayer for peace in Kenya and for the government. We are experiencing increasing unrest and strikes on the streets. 


The past few weeks have been particularly intense. Almost every day, people come to us asking for food, any kind of work. They tell stories of their children going without food for several days.

It is painful to hear such things. We dream of prosperity in Dunga, of blessings, and of testimonies!

On the mission, I am responsible for social projects, and praise God, He has sent people who respond to these needs. We are able to continue feeding people at the charity kitchen every day, sending children to school, providing basic medical assistance, and simply giving out food. Yes, in the photos, people often seem fine. But they all live in inhumane conditions and in terrible life circumstances.

We talk to them about Christ. We invite them to church and pray together!

On Fridays, our team fasts and prays, asking that their hearts become good soil.