Hello, my name is Alexandra Syskova! I serve with the Assistance Mission! Thank you so much for your support! This week, an American team arrived here. I am working on the budget from the donated funds. It is such a blessing that they are here. Every person who comes here is truly called, and we see many transformations in people’s lives, even if they come for a short time.

Last week, we had the graduation of the “Year for God” program. I have been with them since the beginning. I loved the teachings and translated almost every lesson, and even when I wasn’t translating, I was still present and participated in all the trips and ministries. I saw how they grew spiritually and in their knowledge of God over the 10 months, how their thinking and perspective on life changed. Truly, it is an amazing project, and I am excited to see how and where God will lead them next.

One of the families I visited is Milka’s, shown in this photo. She is a member of our church. We talked a lot about her childhood, forgiveness and repentance, and her current life situation. We also discussed soul ties and the seriousness of this matter. I am praying earnestly for such people to have genuine openness so that we can talk about how to overcome with Jesus.

This is Fredrik. He had meningitis and received treatment and therapy. When I took him to the hospital for a skin infection, I found out that he hadn’t been to the hospital for over a year and still needs occupational therapy and blood tests to determine what is causing his severe skin infections. Besides him, we have many people who fall ill often due to weakened immune systems.

We had a meeting with the workers, discussing what is expected of them and various other points. We visited different discipleship groups to check how they are applying the teachings to their lives.

Once again, thank you so much for your support! It means a lot to me. I pray that God gives you new strength, revelation, and wisdom in Him!