Hello everyone. Greetings from us. My name is Baraka and together with my wife Elvira we are pastors of Church in Kisumu Kenya which IMOCE has partnered with us to build and support our different ministries.
We are grateful to all of you who are supporting us financially and continue to stand with us in many different ways to ensure that the slum community where we exist in is touched through our projects and ministries and most amazingly through the teaching and preaching of the Gospel of Jesus
I will share with you what has been happening over here in the last two weeks or so. As a church we continue to meet regularly in our Sunday services. These are great times of encounter with Jesus in our worship time and even during the sermon. We have witnessed the Holy Spirit move and work and we can also testify of what God has done. Averagely 250 adults of different ages attend our Sunday service.
This past Sunday was a special one as we celebrated Father’s Day with the father’s we have in church. It was a time of encouragement through God’s word and we shared a little gift with the fathers too.Our grandmothers receiving gift of flour and during one of our Sunday services

Over the week I have had mentorship meeting with a young man I am disciplining. We use this time to sharpen each others faith and also to know the heart of one another as I also encourage, speak and advice on the life with Christ. We also get to share in prayers for needs too. It is a great honor to always serve the young people through mentorship.  

I had an encounter with this girl Pauline who has been through quite a a lot. She touched my heart. She lives only with her mother who doesn’t have a clear source of income and they occasionally have to go without food. She has been out of school for half a year now since she was unable to join high school for lack of fees. She has a heart for the things of God and for the church and it was a good time speaking to her. Help me keep her in prayers too…\

Another amazing thing happens in our kids church every Sunday from 3 PM. About 350 Beautiful kids with a heart for Jesus gather in the sanctuary not only to have fun but also to be taught the gospel, how to pray and how to also worship. It is memorable to see this kids pray and engage. Our desire as a church is to influence the community and the society through these children; because we know that if we give them Jesus; they will give others Jesus too. The young ones also belong to Christ.

We finally got to graduate 13 students from our project Year for God. These students have been with us for almost a year now under this program where they are taught the Bible as they practically engage in ministry and church service. We are proud that they finally made it to the finish line and most of all we desire that they abide in Christ always. Once again we are grateful to IMOCE and all of you who stand with us, partner with us and support us financially and in prayers too. May God bless you always. Our feeding program continues to bless families and ensures that our people are not sleeping hungry. We are so grateful to all who support this project. It has also become a very vital avenue of our evangelism and we have been able to share Christ through the project. About 126 people are served hot meals every evening. Grandmothers, grandfathers; mothers; fathers and children’s. We are humbled.